My view on, flowers?

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yes, flowers. Or us. Some are roses, like my mom. And some are poison ivy, like morons. All the same we will wither and die. But some faster than others. Hate, sin and anger cause you, the flower, to wither and die. But love , Jesus, and happiness make our petals shine brighter than ever. Being mean, or bullying someone is, as my mama would say, nipping it in the bud. Loving some one is like pouring cow poo on that lucky  flower. ( ha ha. fertilizer. ) So yes, pour that poo. don’t do what my moms favorite saying says, build up, not tear down. Don’t be Round-up spray, that kills everything. Some of us are two-faced.We say one thing, but do another. A rose with a bee in it. Be who Jesus wants you to be. embrace the cow poo.

  1. Becky Keyes says:

    Awesome, Adam! Looks like another writer in the Wirthlin family! I love the flower analogy, since I love gardening, flowers, and all, just not the cow poo! I let someone else do that part! Love you and proud of you!

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