My view on Gamecocks

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

First off I’m a tiger fan. I hate the gamecocks. Not the fans, because that would be hating people. I am just a pure bred Clemson tiger fan. I’m going to the first game. I know we will win. Even without C.J. Spiller we will still crush the university of stupid chickens, I mean U.S.C.  Every time I drive through Columbia I want to vomit.  We Will not lose twice in a row,  never. I made a bet with my friends mom. If Clemson wins their first game, she has to take off her gamecock sticker on her car. If they lose, I have to wear a gamecock shirt to school. What she don’t know is that northern Texas stinks, like whoop that’s a big stench. Bye bye sticker. teeheeteehee, ahhhhh I hate gamecocks.


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