freedom of speech

Posted: August 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ve got a question. Why is it that teachers can’t express their religious views, but can express their political views? I have a teacher that keeps saying how much George Bush is an idiot, and Obama is a genius. And that he changed from Republican to Democrat a few years back. And then kids were nodding their heads saying he’s making a great point. Oh, and this was on the 2nd day of school. Ummm….how about…. hello nice to meet you? What crap could he unleash on us this year? I think even with freedom of speech, they shouldn’t go talking about their political views with the whole class. I want to know what my readers think. Leave a comment about what you think is right and wrong with this guy.

  1. Lindsey Nicole Krause(: says:

    Uhh??? Mr. Buzzell??? 😛

  2. William Taft says:

    Your teacher likely has valuable insight that may challenge your way of thinking. Perhaps you should ask him and his life partner over for tea and crumpets.

  3. Sarah W :) says:

    okay, adam, ignore my weirdo dad. well….hes right about the insight stuff but dont go for the tea and crumpets.

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